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Available on The DIY Website Workbook is available now as an ebook and paperback, and Jump Start is available for pre-order as an ebook, with the paperback available for sale in November 2021.

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Jump Start: How to redirect a career that has stalled, lost direction or reached a crossroads

Jump Start is coming out November 10, 2021. Available for pre-order at Follow me on Instagram or subscribe to this website to receive an excerpt in October! (Scroll to the bottom of this page to subscribe!)

Jump Start_8.5 x 11.jpg

Even before a global pandemic caused millions of people to seriously reconsider the importance of a healthy work-life balance, research suggested that at least half of all people were unhappy in their work. For the creative or mission-driven individual, the pursuit of an engaging, well-compensated career can be particularly challenging. Many feel stuck in the wrong career or have fallen out of love with their employer. Others need to re-enter the workforce after a prolonged absence but are not certain where to start.

Jump Start helps career changers put clear steps in place, take action and move forward in a career that is truly engaging and meaningful. Comparing your career transition to a satisfying road trip, Jump Start offers a ten-step approach to help you:
• Clear up confusion about your career
• Reconnect with long-forgotten interests and sources of inspiration
• Determine if you are an entrepreneur or an employee (or both)
• Put a realistic plan in place that generates forward momentum
• Craft resumes and cover letters that garner results
• Prepare effectively for interviews and networking opportunities
• Use social media tools like LinkedIn to search for jobs and stand out among competitors
• Plan a business or side hustle if an entrepreneurial path feels right
• Create a career that works for your life, lets you feel like you, and takes you where you want to go

The DIY Website Workbook: 7 steps for building a website that engages, converts and builds a compelling online presence

Published in August 2020, The DIY Website Workbook is not as technical as it sounds. It gets somewhat technical, but it's mainly a guide to help start and complete a website that converts. 

DIY Website Workbook_1600 x 2560.jpg

You know your business needs a website but don’t quite know where to start. Should you make it yourself or hire a web developer? Use Wix, Squarespace, WordPress or another tool? If you find yourself paralyzed by overwhelm and technical jargon, The DIY Website Workbook offer a step-by-step approach to building an unforgettable web presence. By working through the seven steps in this book, you can not only build a stunning website – you can put plans in place to create a web presence that ranks well in search engines and strategically engages and converts viewers into paying clients.

Taking a thoughtful, conversational approach, The DIY Website Workbook helps even the least technical individuals:
- Think through the purpose of your online presence
- Eliminate feelings of overwhelm in the website building process
- Create a website that compels, converts and ranks highly on Google and other search engines
- Comprehend a basic overview of SEO (search engine optimization) principles
- Outline a step-by-step process for building a stunning, compelling web presence

Spark a Career Blog

As a career counselor and business coach who works with creative and mission-driven professionals, I write a regular blog about trends in remote working, career transition, starting a business and other career and entrepreneurial trends. 

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